Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Translator - Compare Auto-Translators

Google Translate can be a good tool for translating documents, websites, and other text-based materials. However, sometimes you may want to check that translation against another service's translation. In other cases you may come across some text that is in a language that you don't recognize and want to have it translated. In both of those situation, Quick Translator can help you out.

To use Quick Translator just paste a chunk of text into the translation box and select the language in which you wish to read that text. Quick Translator auto detects the language of the text you paste into the translation box. The translations will then be completed by Quick Translator using both Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

Applications for Education
Quick Translator could be a good tool for students learning a foreign language to check their own translations. Quick Translator could also be handy for grabbing news stories from foreign sources, translating them, and then comparing the reporting of international news stories from multiple perspectives.

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