Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Guide - Making Videos on the Web

Creating videos is one the activities that my students really enjoy doing. They enjoy it, in large part, because the finished product is something that looks good and can easily be shared with classmates, parents, and other teachers. Often when other people see the videos my students make, they're impressed and wonder how they can do a similar activity in their classrooms. This guide was created for those teachers who would like to have their students make videos but don't have access to editing software and or video equipment. All of the resources in this guide are completely web-based.

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Publishing Software from YUDU

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Making Videos on the Web - A Guide for Teachers

Whenever I publish a guide like this I get questions about reusing it. In short, yes you can share it with others. Feel free to embed it on your own blog or website provided that you don't require users to register for a fee based or free membership or subscription to access the content. Please leave all links to Free Technology for Teachers intact. You may also print this guide and distribute it for professional development purposes. Again I ask that you do not charge anyone for the guide and that you distribute the guide in its entirety.