Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mutapic - Combine Two Images to Create a Third

Mutapic is an interesting way to create original artwork online. The artwork users create with Mutapic is based on combining two images to create a third image. Mutapic users select images from a gallery generated within a set of parameters they can define. Then the users can experiment with filters which alter the newly created third image. There are sixteen different filters that users can apply to their images. Within each of the sixteen filters are more variables that can alter an image. On top of the filter options are overlay options and image mixing options. If this sounds like a lot of variables, it is.

Applications for Education
Mutapic may be a great tool for art teachers and art students to experiment with many shading, shape, color, and overlay options. Mutapic's high resolution images show much better detail and the effects of color, shading, and overlay than other free online art creation/ drawing tools.