Saturday, May 15, 2010

Skype Introduces Group Calling

Skype enables classrooms around the world to connect with each other. This week Skype announced a new beta version of their product for Windows-based computers that will enable three way, four way, and five way calling. Now Skype allows more than just two classrooms to connect to each other.

It's important to note that Skype's five way calling is a beta product so you might run into some bugs. Skype also reports that five way calling will require a relatively new computer and a fast, uncluttered Internet connection.

Applications for Education
Classrooms participating in programs like Around the World in 80 Schools, could benefit from five way calling in Skype. Now more classrooms can connect in less time. Perhaps in the future we'll see Around the World in 800 Schools.

If Skype isn't an option for you, you may want to explore 3 Ways Other than Skype to Bring Experts Into Class.