Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smart Tutor - K-5 Math and Reading Activities

Smart Tutor is a provider of online reading and mathematics lessons for students of elementary school age. A lot of what Smart Tutor offers is only available through a subscription, but they do offer a decent amount of free mathematics and reading activities. Smart Tutor offers twenty-seven free reading activities for students in grades K through 5. Eighteen free mathematics activities are offered by Smart Tutor.

All the free activities offered by Smart Tutor follow the same basic model. There is a narrated introduction, a short narrated lesson, and interactive elements in which students apply their new knowledge to a problem or set of problems. The screen image below is from a phonic lesson in which students sort words by long and short sounds. Each time a word is sorted correctly the narrator's voice explains why the student's action was correct.

Applications for Education
Smart Tutor's free mathematics and reading activities are designed for individual use, but some of them do look like they would also be good on an interactive whiteboard for group lessons. By including short narrated lessons Smart Tutor makes their free online activities a little better than just rote drill activities.

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