Friday, May 21, 2010

What I Read First or RSS Recommendations

Updated November 2010
Over the last few weeks I've been "tagged" by at least five people in "Who I'm Reading?" blog posts. Those folks who I know for sure tagged me are Kevin Jarrett, Kelly Hines, James Michie, Vanessa Cassie, and Michael Zimmer. In order to "pay it forward" so to speak, I though it was time that I share a list of the blogs written by educators that I go to first when I open my RSS reader. I am currently subscribed to 237 252 RSS feeds (down from roughly 300 earlier this year) in addition to the nearly more than 7000 people I follow on Twitter. So I obviously can't list everyone that contributes to my learning, but these people definitely stand out.

In no particular order here are the ten blogs written by educators that I go to first in my RSS reader:

iLearn Technology - Kelly Tenkely
Larry Ferlazzo
Welcome to NCS-Tech - Kevin Jarrett
David Warlick
Dangerously Irrelevant - Dr. Scott McLeod
AKA Riptide Furse - Fred Delventhal
Langwitches - Sylvia Tolisano
Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Wes Fryer
Teachers as Technology Trailblazers - Kristen Swanson
Teach Paperless - Shelly Blake-Plock

What do you read first? Who should I be reading that I'm not reading now?