Wednesday, May 12, 2010

YouTube Adds New "Unlisted" Privacy Option

YouTube announced today a new option for sharing videos. Until today there were only two ways to publish your videos on YouTube. The options were to make your video public for the whole world to discover or make your video private and then only 25 people you invited could view it. Now YouTube gives you the option to make your videos "unlisted." Using the unlisted setting means your videos can only be seen by people to whom you've given the direct url for your video. Unlisted videos will not appear in search results or related video lists. So while the videos you or students post as unlisted video won't be 100% private, you will have much greater control over who can or cannot see them.

Applications for Education
Making videos unlisted on YouTube could be a good option for sharing videos of school plays or school concerts. Unlisted is a good compromise position between totally private with its 25 viewer limitation and the public option which puts videos in search results.

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