Monday, June 14, 2010

Aviary Roc Rocks! Make Your Own Music Loops

Last week Aviary introduced a new service designed to complement their Myna sound mixing service. The new service is called Roc and it does rock. Using Roc you can create your own music loops or samples. After you've created your music samples you can download them, reuse them in Myna, or embed them into your blog. Below you will find a brief tutorial on how to create sound loops using Aviary Roc.

Google Apps for Education users, remember that Aviary's services can be incorporated into your account through the Google Apps Marketplace. This means that teachers and students can save their Aviary creations in their Google Accounts. Below is a tutorial on how to add Aviary to your Google Apps for Education services (note: you have to be the administrator of your organization's Google Apps for Education account to make this happen).

Applications for Education
The combination of Aviary's Myna and Roc services could be a great way for your students to create their own audio tracks for podcasts, videos, and other multimedia projects. Because your students will be creating original works neither you nor they have to worry about violating anyone's copyright rights.