Thursday, June 3, 2010

Historypin - Historical Images in Google Streetview

Historypin is a new service developed by We Are What We Do in partnership with Google. Historypin allows anyone with a Google account to place images within the setting of current Google Maps Streetview imagery. If you don't have images to add, you can simply explore the imagery added by others. To explore the imagery on Historypin, zoom in on a location then select a range of dates on the Historypin timeline. Learn more about Historypin in the video below.

Hat tip to Google Maps Mania for the info about Historypin.

Applications for Education
Historypin could be a good resource for history students. Students can insert images into Historypin to compare past and present views of cities from a street level perspective. Students may also enjoy taking old photos of their parents or grandparents and putting them into modern settings.

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