Thursday, June 17, 2010

What are Those Kids Saying? - Try Chat Decoder

I have to confess that I'm one of those people that still spells out almost everything in text messages. In part because I'm not sure how to abbreviate things and or what all of the abbreviations mean. So if you're like me and you ever wondered what all of the abbreviations kids use in text messages mean, check out the Teen Chat Decoder. Teen Chat Decoder is a simple translation service. Just type in an abbreviation or emoticon :) and find out what it means to teens.

Thanks to Lee Kolbert for the tip. Of course, Lee's a cool Geeky Momma so she probably doesn't need the decoder.

Applications for Education
During parent-teacher conferences this year, I had a couple of parents tell me that "they don't get texting." Perhaps a little tool like Teen Chat Decoder will help them understand what their kids are talking about.