Friday, July 2, 2010

Check Out the Google Apps Training Center

This week at the ISTE 2010 conference I learned about new training program available from Google. The Google Apps Training Center is an online learning environment in which teachers and students can learn to effectively use Google Apps in an education setting. The training center offers six modules. The modules are Google Apps Education Edition, Apps Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sites, and "Other Tools." Each module consists of several chapters.

In conjunction with the Google Apps Training Center, Google has launched the Google Certified Trainer program. The Google Certified Trainer program gives people who provide professional development to schools and have passed the tests for all six modules the Google "seal of approval" as Certified Trainers. If you plan to pursue becoming a Google Certified Trainer, bear in mind that you must complete all six modules and pass the tests within 60 days of starting the program. (Thanks to Collette Cassinelli for that tip).

Applications for Education
If your school has just migrated to Google Apps for Education or is considering migrating to Google Apps for Education, the Google Apps Training Center will be a great resource for learning about the things you can do with Google Apps in your classroom.

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