Sunday, July 18, 2010

Create Augmented Reality Layers Without Coding

I've only covered augmented reality a couple of times on this blog (most notably here) because creating augmented reality content requires a level of coding skill well beyond that which I and most teachers and students possess. That could change with the launch of Hoppala. Hoppala is a new augmented reality layer creation service that launched late last week. Creating an augmented reality layer is a essentially a drag and drop process when using Hoppala. Watch the video below to learned more about creating augmented reality content using Hoppala.

Applications for Education
Hoppala could become a great tool for students to use to develop augmented walking tours of their communities. Augmented reality layers could also be developed to complement the content of stories that students write. For example, if students write a story based in their communities they could then create a physical walk-through of that story supplemented with augmented reality layers.

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