Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Easier Resizing of YouTube Videos

A few months ago I wrote a post that contained directions on how to resize a video from YouTube and other video sharing services to fit into your blog's main column. I wrote that post because I often come across, generally new, bloggers posting videos that are cut-off because they haven't been resized to fit in the blog's main content column. It's a fairly simple process for which you can get directions here.

To make it even easier to resize a video, last week YouTube introduced a built-in capacity for resizing videos before embedding them. Now when you locate the embed code below a YouTube video you can resize the video be simply entering new dimensions into the customization field. If you're worried about maintaining the correct height and width ratio, don't. If you enter only the width you desire for the video, YouTube automatically generates the height in the correct ratio. (click to view the image in full size)