Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Instructure Canvas a Free LMS for Teachers

Instructure Canvas is a free learning management system that teachers can use to record grades, post assignments, and interact with their students. Students can use Instructure Canvas to communicate with each other and collaborate on assignments. What caught my attention about Instructure Canvas is that it integrates Facebooks, Google Docs, and email systems outside of Instructure. Another neat feature of Instructure Canvas is that students can subscribe to RSS, email, and cell phone alerts to stay abreast of any new content their teachers post.

The video below provides an overview of Instructure Canvas. (The volume is low in the recording, so you should turn your computer's volume up to hear the narration).

Applications for Education
It should be noted that individual teacher accounts for Instructure Canvas are free but a school-wide deployment may require the purchase of a hosting package. If you're a teacher in a small school that doesn't have a school-wide LMS, Instructure Canvas could be a good system for keeping your students informed of grades and assignments.

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