Monday, July 12, 2010

Moonbase Alpha - NASA's New Role Playing Game

Moonbase Alpha is a new online game developed by NASA to be played on the Steam online gaming platform. Moonbase Alpha a simulation/ role playing game in which players assume the role of an astronaut working to repair equipment in order to restore oxygen delivery to a settlement on the moon. The game can be played by up to six players at a time who communicate using voice over communication.

See the trailer for Moonbase Alpha in the video below.

To play Moonbase Alpha you do need to install the Steam gaming platform (it's free) on a Windows-based computer.

Applications for Education
Despite all of my other geeky habits like teaching myself html, I am not a gamer. None-the-less I do recognize that the right games in the right context can be great educational tools. I know Tim Hart will back me up on that statement. One of the aspects that could make Moonbase Alpha a good learning tool is NASA's attention to presenting moon's surface in a truly accurate lunar moonscape.

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