Tuesday, August 31, 2010

60+ Virtual Tours & Webcams for Social Studies

Angela Cunningham is a high school school Social Studies teacher in Kentucky that I've had the pleasure of meeting at the last two ISTE conferences. Through her blog ChangeED Angela has shared some great ideas and resources for teaching history, civics, and geography. Yesterday, Angela posted a Google Map on which she's made placemarks representing more than 60 webcams and virtual tours. Click any placemark on the map to find a link to a virtual tour or webcam for that location. The map is embedded below.

View Virtual Tours & Webcams in a larger map

Thanks to Angela for permission to share her map with all of you. Make sure you check out Angela Cunningham's blog for more history, civics, and geography resources.

Applications for Education
When I saw this map I immediately thought that it would be a great resource for teachers of geography, history, and world studies. The map of virtual tours and webcams could also be useful for literature teachers to give their students a real-life look at places mentioned in the books they read.

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