Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Students Can Blog Without An Email Address

Disclosure: Edublogs is an advertiser on this blog.

Earlier today Edublogs announced that students can now blog on Edublogs even if they don't have email addresses. Students can create a blog or become authors on other blogs without having to submit an email address to Edublogs. To get started students will simply need to choose a user name and password before writing their first blog posts. If they desire, students can submit email addresses later (which is useful for password recovery).

Applications for Education
Removing the requirement of submitting an email address should simplify the process of getting a classroom full of students blogging. By not making students go through the process of submitting and confirming an email address, Edublogs is giving students and teachers more time to focus on the work of creating blog posts. The removal of the email requirement also makes it possible for students who don't have email addresses to write their own blog posts.

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