Thursday, August 5, 2010

Infographics - Eating Out and Obesity

Earlier this evening someone (I forgot to note who so if it was you, let me know) posted on Twitter a list of forty infographics health and wellness infographics. The list was published by the Health Hut. A few of the infographics in the list grabbed my attention as being useful for health teachers and science teachers.

Eating Out: From Bad to Worse gives a run down of worst items to order at popular chain restaurants including Chili's, Applebee's, McDonald's, and Wendy's.

The CDC has a series of infographics and slides related to trends in obesity and diabetes in the United States. One of the infographics is an animated map showing the increase in obesity by state from 1985 through 2009. The CDC has also published maps illustrating obesity rates by race in the United States. The information used in creating the maps is also available to download as Power Point slides.

The Future of Food is a series of nine infographics produced by Wired. The infographics illustrate the global demand for food, what that demand means for farmers and for the planet, and how that demand could be met in the future.

Applications for Education
After exploring the infographics students could research ways to correct the problems illustrated in the graphics. In the case of the Eating Out infographic you might have students create infographics of their own that illustrate the healthiest menu options at each of the restaurants.

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