Monday, August 23, 2010

Lifeyo - Multiple Author Website and Blog Platform

Lifeyo is a free website and blog platform that I initially reviewed back in March of this year. Everything that I said about it then being an easy-to-use platform for the first time user is still true today. Recently, Lifeyo has added a couple of features to make their platform even better. The new feature of most interest to educators is the addition of a multiple author capacity. Now you can add contributing editors to your website. You can add editors by selecting "add editors" from the "share" menu then typing in the email addresses of your new editors. The other new feature recently added is the addition of customizable fonts and design elements.

Allen Stern at Center Networks recorded a video demonstration of Lifeyo with one of Lifeyo's founders at SXSW. Watch the video below.

Applications for Education
As I said back in March, Lifeyo could be a good choice for the teacher who wants to build his or her own website for the first time. The new option for creating a multiple editor website makes it easy for a teachers working in teams to create and maintain a group website. Similarly, Lifeyo could be used by students to create digital portfolios or group project websites.

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