Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scuttle Pad - A Social Network for Kids

Scuttle Pad is a new social network designed for kids ages six through ten. Scuttle Pad provides a safe, supervised, place in which children can communicate with each other. Scuttle Pad requires parents to register their children. Once registered Scuttle Pad continues to protect children by reviewing all images that are uploaded. Scuttle Pad also ensures that children don't share too much by never giving them an opportunity to share any personal information other than first name and their hometown.

Scuttle Pad is focused only on communication practice by students. Therefore, it doesn't offer games or other distractions. To help students structure sentences, Scuttle Pad offers a word bank from which students can select words to use in their communications.

Applications for Education
For parents that are interested in giving their children an opportunity to learn and practice communicating online with friends, Scuttle Pad provides a forum for that.