Friday, August 27, 2010

Teaching With Infographics - Many Good Resources

Earlier this week I learned from Larry Ferlazzo that The New York Times Learning Network was doing a series of posts about teaching with infographics. The last installment of the series went live today with a post by Diana Laufenberg. Diana's post includes ten steps for designing lessons in which students create infographics. Her post also includes links to some valuable information concerning the actual infographic design process.

The entire Teaching With Infographics series contains a lot of very useful information for teachers who are considering using infographics in their classrooms. Infographics for Language Arts and Fine Arts can be found here, infographics for Science and Health can be found here, History and Economics infographics can be found here, and "getting started" resources can be found here.

Applications for Education
I've found in my classroom that infographics can be very useful for helping students gain a better comprehension of data sets. Viewing infographics can be helpful, but designing an infographic is a better way for students to increase their understanding of data sets. The Teaching With Infographics series could help you design lessons for using infographics with your students.