Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Approaches to Cell Phones in Schools - Pick One

Through Wes Fryer's excellent blog I learned about the following video from CNN. The video is a report on two different approaches to dealing with cell phone use by students. Thankfully, my school is slowly moving toward the second approach. Watch the video below then leave a comment and tell us which approach your school uses and which approach you prefer.

Click here if you're reading in RSS and can't see the video.

One of the things that Wes Fryer pointed out in his post about this video is the use of the terms "cell phone computers" and "mobile learning devices." I think that is important distinction that must be made to teachers and administrators who would still prefer to fight the "put your phones away" battle rather than find ways to leverage for the learning the computers in our students hands.

Here is a post I wrote about how I used cell phones in my Civics course last fall. Cell Phones in My Civics Class = Parent Involvement.