Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Family Safety Center - A Resource for Parents

Keeping kids safe online is a top priority for every parent and teacher. To help parents and others learn about strategies and tools for keep kids safe online, today Google launched the Google Family Safety Center.

The Family Safety Center introduces parents to and shows them how to use Google's safety tools including safe search, safe search lock, and YouTube's safety mode. Google has partnered with a number of child safety organizations to develop educational materials for dealing with topics like cyberbullying, strangers online, protecting personal information, and avoiding malware online. Finally, Google's Family Safety Center contains a collection of videos featuring Google employees sharing the strategies they use with their own kids for teaching online behavior and keeping their kids safe online. One of those videos is embedded below.

Applications for Education
My school is issuing netbooks to every student this week. One of the concerns that some parents have regarding their students bringing the netbook home is that they aren't sure how to make sure their children aren't doing something unsafe online. While not a comprehensive resource yet, Google's Family Safety Center will provide a nice primer that will educate those concerned parents.

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