Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google Instant - Search As You Type

Earlier today Google launched a new search tool called Google Instant. The benefits of Google Instant being touted Google are faster search, smarter predictions, and instant results. Here's how it works; start typing any search term and as soon as you type a letter search results start to populate, keep typing and the results continue to change until you're done typing. Watch the video below to learn more about Google Instant.

For fans of Bob Dylan, check out this neat demonstration of Google Instant.

Applications for Education
I'm not sure if Google Instant will make a significant impact on classrooms, but it could certainly help some students search more efficiently.

Update: Now that I've had some time to use Google Instant, read Jeff Utecht's take on Google Instant, and observed students using it, I am convinced that it does significantly improve the way that students will search for content.