Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Month in Review - August's Most Popular Posts

As I do every month, I've compiled a list of the month's ten most popular posts. Before I jump to the list I have to say thank you again to everyone that has Tweeted, emailed, and otherwise shared links to Free Technology for Teachers. Statistically speaking, August was an awesome month for Free Technology for Teachers. This month saw new record highs for unique visits, pageviews, and new subscribers. It's great to know that more teachers are learning about the free resources that can make our students' learning experiences better. Thank you all for helping to get the word out.

These were the ten most popular posts in August:
1. 11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year
2. 5 Lesser-Known Google Tools for Teachers & Students
3. 140 New Things Being Tried In Classroom This Fall
4. 7 Sources of Free Sounds for Multimedia Projects
5. 7 Organization Tools for Students
6. Seven Search Engines for Students
7. Do You Moodle? Three Helpful Resources
8. How To Do 11 Techy Things In the New School Year
9. 38 Weeks of Algebra Lessons
10. 100+ Free Textbooks from Open Culture

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