Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wikispaces Makes it Easier to Embed Glogs

Those people whose students have created Glogster Glogs (multimedia collages) and use Wikispaces probably already know that Wikispaces pages are a great way to display student work. The process for embedding a Glog into a Wikispaces page used to require users to copy the Glogster html code then paste it into Wikispaces using the "embed other html" widget. The process just got a lot simpler.

In a blog post today Wikispaces announced that they now fully support the embedding of Glogs through a new option in the Wikispaces widgets menu. Now when you open the widget menu in your Wikispaces editor you will see a logo for Glogster EDU. Click the Glogster EDU logo, log into your Glogster account, select your Glog, click insert, save your work and you're done. Glogster Edu has a tutorial of the process that you can view here.

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