Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Word - Sixty Second Writing Prompts

One Word is a simple writing prompt generator. The way it works is the user clicks "go" on the One Word homepage and they are presented with one word. Users then have sixty seconds to write in the text box whatever comes to their minds regarding that word. The idea is not so much to write definitions of the words, but rather it is to write sentences using the word.

Thanks to Angela Maiers for sharing One Word.

Applications for Education
One Word could be a handy little resource to prompt free-response writing in your classroom. If students register for the site they can see what other people have written. Although I might caution against that if you're going to use the site with younger students because there does not seem to be filter for profanity. Even if you don't have the students type on the One Word site you could still use as a supply of writing prompts.