Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PBS Kids Cyberchase Games

PBS Kids Cyberchase website offers forty-five educational games for students in third through fifth grade. The games are intended to help students develop their skills in mathematics, logic, and pattern recognition. Students who have PBS Kids accounts can keep track of the games they've played and rank the games they've played.

If you would like to make your own game for your SMART Board, check out the PBS Kids Lucky Star Game Show template. The template contains 150 questions that can be used to create games.

Thanks to Anne Marie at Talking SMART Boards & Much More for the tip about PBS Kids Cyberchase.

Applications for Education
PBS Kids Cyberchase games and the SMART Board template could be useful for elementary school mathematics lessons. Students can play the games individually then come together to participate in a group activity using the SMART Board activities you develop with the PBS Kids template.

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