Sunday, October 31, 2010

YTTM - Search for Videos by Year

YTTM (which we're led to believe means YouTube Time Machine) is a new service that allows you to search for videos by year and genre. The premise of YTTM is simple; select a genre, select a year, watch a video. Want see a television commercial from 1975? Select the "commercials" filter then move the timeline slider to 1975. If you do that you'll see this commercial for the Buick Riviera. Want to see a clip of Michael Jordan in his prime? Select the "sports" filter then move the timeline slider to a year in the early 90's.

YTTM is still in alpha mode so you might run into some bugs or you might not find a video that matches every criteria you select. That said, I really like what YTTM is trying to accomplish.

Applications for Education
YTTM could be a fantastic resource for history teachers and their students. YTTM could be used to find clips of news reports about important events in 20th Century history. Teaching a lesson on the development of advertising, media, or propaganda? YTTM could help you find video clips to use in that lesson.

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