Thursday, November 4, 2010

CNN Student News - Impact of Midterm Elections

CNN Student News is recording in the afternoon before it airs so yesterday they did not have much on the impact of the midterm elections. Today's episode of CNN Student News features explanations of how the balance of power in the House of Representatives will shift and what that means for the legislative process. The episode also reports on the results of some gubernatorial races. The episode is embedded below.

One race that CNN Student News didn't cover, but was covered by CNN took place in Alaska where Lisa Murkowski ran for Senate as a write-in candidate against Joe Miller. In my Civics course we've been talking about some of Joe Miller's outspoken ideas about abolishing the federal minimum wage and repealing the 17th Amendment. We'll be reading and discussing this story today. The video report is embedded below.

Finally, the CNN Election Center has some maps representing the outcomes of elections in Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races across the country. The maps could be useful for showing students how people voted in different parts of the country.

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