Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LIFE Photo Timelines and Timeline Builder

LIFE has long been known for capturing and hosting some of the most iconic images of the 20th Century. Today, LIFE continues to capture and share outstanding imagery. LIFE Photo Timelines hosts timelines featuring images from the LIFE collections. Visitors to LIFE Photo Timelines can view existing timelines or create their own timelines using images from the LIFE collections.

To create a timeline using LIFE's Timeline Builder you first have to create a LIFE account. You can create an account by logging-in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google credentials. Once logged-in name your timeline and give it a description. Then search for images by entering terms in the search box. If your results are too large, LIFE will present you with options for refining search results. When you find images that you like, just drag them to the blank timeline that appears below image search results. You can rearrange the sequence by simply dragging and dropping them. When you're done adding content you can save it and publish it to the web or just save it in your account for private viewing.

Applications for Education
LIFE's Photo Timeline Builder could be a good way for students to assemble timelines about people, events, or themes in 20th Century history.

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