Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shorten & Share Multiple Links in One Package with Bit.ly

Last night TechCrunch reported that the URL shortening service Bit.ly is now offering the option to create a bundle of shortened links that you can share. Bit.ly Bundles will allow you to shorten many links and bundle them together in one package to share with just one link. When the shared bundle link is click it will reveal the list of links that you've included in your bundle. When signed into your Bit.ly account you can customize the bundle link and bundle name. Bit.ly Bundles could be a useful tool for sharing a list of important research links with your students.

Below is the video Bit.ly released to introduce Bundles. Bundles might not be quite as awesome as the video claims, but it's a useful service nonetheless.

Creating a Bit.ly Bundle is an easy thing to do. Just head over to Bit.ly then paste into the shortening box the first link you'd like to include in your bundle. Then click "shorten" and Bit.ly will provide a "Bundle" button (actually it will appear in two place). Click the Bundle button to shorten more links and add them to your bundle. When you're done adding links to your bundle, click share and Bit.ly will provide you with the URL for your newly created bundle. I've included below a couple of screenshots of the process.

Choose either button to create bundles

Bundle Preview