Monday, November 1, 2010

Snag Learning Film of the Week - Emperors of Ice

As I've mentioned before, Snag Learning hosts nearly 300 educational films from PBS, National Geographic, Explore, and other reputable documentary producers. Along with each film is a list of discussion questions you can use in your classroom. Beginning this week, in partnership with Snag Learning, I'll be featuring one film per week from Snag Learning's library. 

This week's Snag Learning film of the week is Emperors of Ice. In Emperors of Ice viewers will dive under the ice with the penguins, learn how the Emperor Penguins select a mate and raise young, and interact with other penguins. Viewers will see how the Emperor Penguin is uniquely equipped to survive in the harsh environment of Antarctica. Finally, Emperors of Ice, produced by National Geographic, documents the potential effects of climate change on the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica. Watch a preview of Emperors of Ice below. You can find discussion questions here.
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Applications for Education
Emperors of Ice could be a good video for a lesson about animals' adaptations to their environments. You could also use the film as part of a lesson about the effects of climate change on the planet. You might want to explore the Google Earth climate change tour about the Arctic then have students compare and contrast the effects of climate on the Arctic with those of Antarctica.