Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time Search - Search the Web Through Timelines

Time Search is a good general resource for history teachers and students. Simply enter a year, press "go" and you're shown a list of significant events that happened in that year. Scroll up or down the list to see events that happened early or late in the year. Time Search lists events that happened worldwide. You can select historical themes to narrow your list of events. You can also narrow results by selecting a region of the world. Next to each item in your events list you will see icons indicating availability of related images, quick text references, and map references. Not all icons appear for all events.

Applications for Education 
Time Search looks like it could be a handy reference tool for history teachers and students. The events displayed by Time Search don't contain much detail so it is best used as a general resource to get ideas and get started on research activities. The "Search Sites" option provides links to other resources that contain information about the year entered into your search.