Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Try DROPitTOme to Collect Assignments Online

When Drop.io announced that they had sold out to Facebook and would be shutting down effective on December 15th, I immediately shared that news with you. One of the services offered by Drop.io that I'm really going to miss is their hidden upload tool which allowed you to have others submit files to your drop. For the last couple of years I used Drop.io's hidden uploader to collect assignments from students. Since Drop.io's shut down announcement I've looked for a replacement to their hidden uploader and I think I've found a good one. Actually, I didn't find it it was recommended by Bill Ferreirae in a comment he posted.

DROPitTOme is a free service that works with Drop Box to allow people to upload files to your Drop Box account without giving them access to the contents of your Drop Box account. For those not familiar with Drop Box it is a service that provides 2GB of free online file storage (by the way, that's way more than the 100mb Drop.io offered). You can access your Drop Box from any computer and most mobile devices. You can also sync it across multiple computers.  Learn more about Drop Box in the video below.

DROPitTOme works by synchronizing with your Drop Box account. After connecting the two services DROPitTOme provides a url that you can give to others to upload files to your Drop Box account. You must specify a password that has to be entered before an upload can take place. Give the url and password to those people you want to be able to upload files to your Drop Box account.

Applications for Education
I've implemented DROPitToMe on my course blog by placing a link to my DROPitTOme url along with the password for uploading assignments.