Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week in Review - The Most Popular Posts

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Good morning from Maine. This week in review is coming to you in part through the help of my newest blogging assistant. Some of you have previously met my other two assistants Fenway and Shoeless Joe.  Please welcome Morrison to the team. He's an eight year old Black Lab and German Shepherd mix. After nearly a year of living at Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg, Maine he's very happy to be out of there. Fenway and Shoeless Joe have always been helpful with the typing aspects of blogging and they will continue to do that. Morrison will be in charge of the Free Technology for Teachers health and wellness initiative by getting the head blogger to go for walks even when it is raining and dark.

Here are the most popular posts of the week:
1. - Course Management in Google Apps
2. Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers
3. Skype Education - A Directory of Classrooms
4. Daniel Pink On Why Tying Teacher Pay to Test Scores Won't Work
5. A Good Case for Learning a Second Language
6. My Edublog Awards Nominations
7. GooEdit - Image Editing in Google Chrome

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