Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WeTxt - Free Group Text Messaging

WeTxt is a new service offering free group text messaging. WeTxt works with ten major cellular service providers to offer you the ability to send text messages to large groups at once. In addition to creating and sending initial messages, WeTxt offers an option for sending "reply all" messages. Messages can be sent from your mobile device or from your email account. A mobile calendar helps you keep track of items that you need to send out as text messages.

You should note that while WeTxt is free to use, you do still incur text messaging charges at the rate charged by your cellular service provider. Read the FAQ section of WeTxt for more information regarding their terms of service.

Thanks to Sam Gliksman for the link.

Applications for Education
WeTxt could be an option for sending group messages about school delays and cancellations, changes in field trip itineraries or other time-sensitive announcements.