Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Test Drive a Chrome OS Notebook

Yesterday, Google made a big announcement regarding their development of Google Chrome OS. Originally announced last fall, Chrome OS is designed to be a completely web-based operating system. Since then Chrome OS has been available as a download for the technologically brave to use on netbooks. Now Google wants people to actually test it out on notebooks provided by Google. If you're interested in becoming a Chrome OS notebook test driver, Google wants to hear from you. You can apply to receive a Chrome OS notebook from Google. In exchange for the notebook, Google will collect regular feedback from you about your experiences. Applications will be accepted until December 21, 2010. Apologies to readers outside of the US, Google will only ship Chrome OS notebooks to US addresses.

Learn more about Chrome OS in the video below.

Applications for Education
In the future Chrome OS notebooks and netbooks could become a good option for 1:1 programs in schools. As I understand it now, Chrome OS won't allow downloads so you won't have to worry about students downloading programs you don't want on your network computers. Also by moving all of their work to the cloud, students will have a digital portfolio that they can take with them from year to year and school to school.