Sunday, January 10, 2010

More than 100 Editorial Cartoon Lesson Plans

Cartoons for the Classroom is a service of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. Cartoons in the Classroom offers more than one hundred lesson plans based on editorial cartoons created by the members of the AAEC. Each lesson plan is available as free pdf download. As you might expect, most of the lessons deal with current political and economic topics, but you will also find some lessons that are not time sensitive.

In addition to lesson plans Cartoons for the Classroom provides links to other cartoon resources. One of those resources is the Opper Project. The Opper Project provides lesson plans for teaching history through editorial cartoons.

Applications for Education
Editorial cartoons can make some of the most complex topics accessible to all learners. On the topic of accessibility, Cartoons for the Classroom is currently running a cartoon caption contest that is open to all US students. The contest asks students to develop a caption for a cartoon posted by Cartoons for the Classroom. The creator of the winning caption and his or her teacher will receive a copy of May it Amuse the Court, a collection of editorial cartoons about the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

Biology Animations Library

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's learning center has a nice library of animations demonstrating various biology concepts. Some of the concepts covered in the animations library include DNA restriction and transformation, DNA arrays, and model organisms. The animations can be viewed online or downloaded. In addition to the animations library, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has a library of 3D models. Highlighting the list of 3D models is a model of the human brain. Like the other animations, the 3D models can be viewed online or downloaded for use on your local hard drive.

Applications for Education
The animations included in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's online libraries could be useful for high school science teachers. Being able to download the animations means that you don't have to worry about not being to access the animations if you lose the Internet connection in your classroom.

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Vintage Ad Browser - View Old Print Advertisements

I discovered the Vintage Ad Browser this morning through marketing guru Seth Godin's blog. The Vintage Ad Browser is a search engine for old print advertisements. You can browse advertisements by tag or enter your own search terms to located advertisements. In the larger advertising categories such as Cigarettes and Tobacco you can narrow your search by selecting a range of dates.

Applications for Education
My school offers courses in both marketing and advertising design. I can see the Vintage Ad Browser being useful for those students to examine the evolution of print advertising. The Vintage Ad Browser could also be used for teaching lessons in recognizing bias and hidden messages in print materials.

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