Monday, January 11, 2010

Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks

Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks is a new video released as part of YouTube's Being Smart Online series. The Being Smart Online video series is a part of Google's Digital Literacy campaign. The video provides a clear overview of how to detect cyber scams, how cyber scams work, and what to do if you think you might have fallen for a cyber scam. The video is embedded below.

Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks is good, but you should also watch Common Craft's videos Phishing Scams in Plain English as well as their new video Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English. Phishing Scams in Plain English is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks, Phishing Scams in Plain English, and Protecting Reputations in Plain English are all great resources for anyone responsible for teaching online safety.

The Full Wiki - Wikipedia Meets Google Maps

The Full Wiki is an interesting mash-up of Google Maps and Wikipedia entries. The Full Wiki takes Wikipedia entries and places them on a Google Map. Your chosen Wikipedia entry is also presented side by side with a Google Map. The Full Wiki is essentially geolocating Wikipedia entries. Currently, The Full Wiki is in beta and their search tool needs improvement, but it's a promising concept. The video below provides a quick overview of The Full Wiki.

Google Maps Mania has some more information about The Full Wiki that you may be interested in reading.

Applications for Education
The Full Wiki is a great concept that could be helpful for students researching location-critical topics such as events in history or basic country research. The Full Wiki provides a geographical context for the information students read.

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Cool Infographics - Caffeine Consumption

Cool Infographics has a cool (sorry I couldn't resist) new poster about caffeine consumption. The Caffeine Poster graphically demonstrates how much caffeine is the drinks we consume. The poster lists the quantity of caffeine as well as the quantity relative to other drinks. For example, did you know that a 12oz Starbucks coffee has more caffeine than a 16oz Monster energy drink? View and the download the poster here.

Applications for Education
Health and nutrition educators may find this poster to be something they would like to share with their students. The quantities in the poster are based on typical serving sizes so you may want to challenge your students to determine the quantity of caffeine per ounce for each drink.

Editorial Cartoons - Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I posted a link to more than 100 lesson plans for teaching with editorial cartoons. This morning Kevin Hodgson (who I consider to be a guru of digital storytelling) posted a short video featuring various editorial cartoonists trying to create new drawings of Uncle Sam.

Tobacco Education Lessons Plans and Game

TIGed (Taking IT Global Education) has a good collection of lesson plans for educating students about the dangers of tobacco use. Teachers will find lesson plans for educating students about the science of tobacco addiction, tobacco laws, and the ways in which tobacco is marketed to young people. There are eleven lesson plans in total which are appropriate for middle school and high school students. After students have completed the lessons there is a nice tobacco matching game that students can use to review and test their knowledge.

Most of the TIGed resources are only available on a fee-based model, but the tobacco resources are free once you go through the registration process.

Applications for Education
TIGed's tobacco use prevention resources are appropriate for middle school and high school students. The lessons are designed not only to impart knowledge but also to make students develop skills to resist tobacco use.

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