Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World War I Video Map

In my department meeting today we talked about some of the things that we've been doing in our classrooms. One of my colleagues shared this video that he recently found on YouTube. The video provides a brief overview of the causes of and events of World War I. The story is put into a geographic context by pointing out on a map, the location of events. The video is embedded below.

The same person (dizzo95) that upload this video to YouTube has also uploaded a number of similar videos that may be of interest to history teachers.

Applications for Education
If you're in need of a quick introductory or review video about World War I, this one may suit your needs. As your students are watching the video you may want to have them select events which they then have to research and share more information about with their classmates.

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PBS Parents - Educational Activities to do at Home

I'm not a parent (although I did recently become an uncle), but if I was a parent, PBS Parents is one website where I'd be spending a lot of time. PBS Parents has a wealth of resources addressing questions and issues common to new(er) parents. But those resources are not what I want to draw your attention to today. Instead, I'd like to point out the home education resources available on PBS Parents.

The education section of PBS Parents offers resources and ideas for teaching basic mathematics, reading, and science to children from age 1 through the first grade. One of example of the education resources is Science in the Kitchen. Science in the Kitchen presents parents with simple activities you can do at home to introduce children to very basic science ideas.

Applications for Education
If you're an early childhood educator looking for educational resources to recommend to parents to use at home with their kids, PBS Parents should be on your list of recommendations. Similarly, if you're looking for some educational activities that your kids' babysitter can do with your children, PBS Parents may be a good place to look.

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Free Webinar - Integrating STEM in Elementary Years

Next Tuesday, January 19 is hosting a free webinar on integrating STEM into elementary school classrooms. The webinar will feature Celeste Baine. Celeste Baine is the author of six books about engineering in education. You can learn more about the webinar and register for the webinar here.

Earthquake in Haiti - CNN Student News and Other Resources

Today's episode of CNN Student News has a very short segment about yesterday's earthquake in Haiti. CNN Student News has a PDF map that you can print and use in your classroom. You can find the map here.

I was without cable or Internet last night so I missed all of the breaking news about the earthquake in Haiti, but our friend Larry Ferlazzo was right on top of things and has put together a great list of resources for learning about the earthquake in Haiti.

CNN and the BBC have slideshows about the earthquake. View them here and here.

You may also want to see my list of five resources for learning about earthquakes. In addition to that list you may be interested in Stop Disasters, a game for learning about natural disasters.

Update: I forgot to mention this earlier, if you're looking for the latest news out of Haiti and or pictures, running a Twitter search for #Haiti or just Haiti will yield a constant stream of updates.