Friday, January 15, 2010

Youblisher - Publish PDFs as Online Magazines

Youblisher is a PDF publishing service that is very similar to Yudu and Issuu. Youblisher turns your PDFs into online magazines complete with page-turning effects. The documents you upload to your Youblisher account can be embedded into your blog or website. You can see Youblisher in action by clicking the image below.
Beyond Google

Applications for Education
Youblisher makes it easy for you and your students to take PDFs and turn them into visually appealing online magazines. Youblisher could be a good option for publishing visually appealing PTA newsletters or creating an online magazine about your classroom.

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Interactive Map of Past and Present Climate Data Solutions has created a fairly in-depth mapped display of global climate data. The map is a Google Map containing placemarks that when opened reveal current weather data as well as historical weather data. In some cases there is data dating back three hundred years. The data is recorded from more than 1,500 weather stations around the globe. You can browse through the data sets by clicking on placemarks on the map or you can enter a search for a specific location.

Applications for Education
This map could be very useful for having students conduct their own analysis of climate trends around the world.

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Carrot Sticks - A Fun Math Game for K-6 Students

Carrot Sticks is a fun mathematics game environment for K-6 students. Carrot Sticks challenges students to develop their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. Carrot Sticks can be played individually or in a head to head format with another player. In the individual mode students earn "carrot sticks" for every correct answer. If they earn enough carrot sticks and the students will receive a virtual trophy. In the head to head mode, carrot sticks are earned by enter the correct answer faster than the other player. It should be noted that only the addition game is free.

Applications for Education
Carrot Sticks is a safe environment in which students can have fun competing and learning. In the head to head mode students only see the other player's avatar and points. There is not a chat function or any other means of communication. Carrot Sticks can be played without creating an account, but there is an option for creating an account. If you choose to have your students create accounts they will be able to track their progress.

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PostRank's Top Blogs of 2009

PostRank recently released their list of the most engaging blogs of 2009. PostRank ranks blogs based on user interaction with a blog's stories. There are rankings for a huge range of categories into which PostRank places blogs. The two categories that educators will be interested in are education and teaching. The rankings aren't without flaws. That said, the lists are good places to find new blogs to add to your RSS reader.

Virtually Attend a Student Technology Showcase

Tomorrow, a small school district in Maine is hosting an awesome annual event and is inviting the whole world to attend. Maine Regional School Unit #19 is hosting a Student Technology Showcase. This event is organized by a fellow Google Certified Teacher and all around great guy, Kern Kelley. This is the seventh year in a row that RSU #19 (formerly SAD #48) has hosted this event. It's a great time for students to show-off the awesome things they've done. The event runs from 10am to 1pm EST. If you cannot physically attend, you are welcome to sign-up for live virtual tours of the showcase. To learn more about this event and to sign-up for a virtual tour, click here.

To learn more, watch a local CBS affiliate's video segment about the 2008 Showcase.

Click here if you cannot see the video.