Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ad Decoder - Kids Learn About Advertising Scams

The Ad Decoder is produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The game appears on the B.A.M. (body and mind) section of their website. BAM is full of great resources for health and physical education teachers. The Ad Decoder provides students with two virtual magazines which they flip through to see examples and explanations of advertising tactics used to grab the attention of tweens and teens. After flipping through the magazines students can test their new knowledge.

Applications for Education
The Ad Decoder could be a good way to teach students how to recognize deceptions in advertising. The activity is simple, but provides students with useful information about advertising and the hidden meanings in advertising. The Ad Decoder has quizzes students can take regarding advertising. The Ad Decoder also offers an in-depth look at advertising practices which they call Under the Microscope.

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Active Science - Interactive Periodic Table

Glaxo Smith Kline's Active Science offers fifteen interactive games covering a range of science topics. There are games appropriate for elementary school, middle school, and high school students. The games for younger students appear at the topic of the Active Science list and the games for older students are at the bottom of the list.

The Interactive Periodic Table is a game designed to help chemistry students practice identification of the elements. To play the game students are given some clues about an element's properties. Using those clues the student has to place the element in the correct place on the table.

Applications for Education
Active Science is a nice collection of games that unlike a lot of games are not simple drill activities.

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Yale Open Course - Financial Markets

Through Open Culture I've learned about another free course from Yale. Financial Markets is a twenty-six part course that anyone can access. Videos, slides, and links to reading materials are available for each segment. The final exam complete with solutions also published as a PDF. You can find the entire collection of video lectures here. Embedded below you will find lecture #11 which is about stock markets.

Applications for Education
Most of the content in this course is probably too advanced for the average high school student to comprehend on his or her own. That doesn't mean it couldn't be used in a high school setting. The course materials could be part of an independent study in which you work on an individual, tutoring basis with students who have an interest in economics.

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