Monday, March 15, 2010

Need a Science Fair Project? Ask Science Bob

Science Bob is a good resource for elementary school and middle school students in search of ideas for science fair projects. Science Bob has dozens of suggestions for science fair projects. Beyond the suggestions, Science Bob offers tips on how to build the projects and additional support resources. In the experiments section of Science Bob teachers and students will find printable directions for carrying-out more than two dozen experiments. If you're looking for videos about science concepts and science experiments Science Bob offers twenty videos that may interest you.

Applications for Education
As Science Bob mentions, developing an idea for a science fair project can be a difficult first step. Even if students don't pick one of the ideas in Science Bob's list, they may be inspired to design a project of their own.

We Transfer - Send Huge Files

If you've ever tried to send a really big file you're probably familiar with the annoyance and frustration that can come with trying to attach that file to an email. We Transfer successfully alleviates those problems for you. We Transfer allows you to send large files (up to 2GB) to your friends and colleagues without using your email account. Here's how We Transfer works; you upload a file, enter the recipient's email address, enter your email address, and then We Transfer sends the file to your recipient on your behalf.

Applications for Education
The social studies department at my school is building a huge collection of scanned documents to share with each other and our students. On our current in-house email service we can't send the whole collection to each other in one email. We Transfer will allow us to send that collection in one message.

20+ Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom

Last Friday I posted a Google Docs presentation titled Many Ways to Use Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom. At the time the presentation had only three slides. I put out an invitation to anyone that wanted to add ideas to the presentation and as of this writing there are 57 collaborators. In total there are now 21 slides.

Before I started Many Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom I looked to see if Tom Barrett already had a presentation on the topic. It turns out he did have one, but I somehow overlooked it. Here's Tom's 43 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom.

I'd still love to have more contributors to Many Ways to Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom, if you're interested in adding your ideas please fill in this form and I'll send you an invitation to collaborate.

Khan Academy - Educating the World via YouTube

In the debate over whether or not schools should block access to YouTube, Khan Academy is an example of the good educational content available on YouTube. Khan Academy isn't actually a school rather it is the name of a one man non-profit organization that has created more than 800 free video lessons on mathematics, economics, SAT prep, GMAT prep, and other math and science topics. I first learned about Khan Academy last fall.

Today's episode of CNN Student News profiles the man behind Khan Academy, Salman Khan. Khan is a graduate of MIT, a Harvard Business School graduate, and a former hedge fund manager. He gave up a potentially lucrative career to develop Khan Academy. Find out why in the video below.

Applications for Education
Khan Academy could be an excellent place to find videos to supplement your classroom lessons. If you're a mathematics teacher looking to add useful content to your classroom blog, Khan Academy is a good place to start your search.