Friday, April 2, 2010

Nurph - Social Web Browsing with Chat

Nurph (found at is a new service designed to enable users to browse the web and chat about web content with others. Here's how it works, go to and enter the url of a website. will then open the site and place a chat box in the lower right corner of the page. Through that chat box you can invite friends to chat about the website you're viewing. You have two options for logging into; you can create a account or use your Twitter account to log in.

Watch the video below to learn more about

Nurph Intro from Nurph on Vimeo.

Applications for Education could be useful for having an online discussion with students about the content they find on the web. You could lead the discussion or you could have students share their findings and lead discussions. A class that is discussing current news stories could use to share, compare, and discuss articles from a collection of websites.

File Dropper - Share Big Files Quickly and Easily

File Dropper is a free and very easy way to share files up to 5GB. To use File Dropper simply upload your file and File Dropper assigns it a unique URL that you can then share with anyone. File Dropper is not nearly as feature-rich as and similar file hosting and sharing services, but it is free and upload times are fast.

Applications for Education
File Dropper is a nice alternative to sending mass emailings of large files. Instead of emailing documents to students and parents you can just direct them to a URL. This frees up space in your email application and in your recipient's email application.

Now of course you could much of the same thing by hosting your files on Google Docs and posting them online. But I realize that not everyone is a Google Docs fan boy like me and I think that I should share some non-Google Docs ideas every once in a while.

Clip Syndicate - Syndicated News on the Web

Clip Syndicate is a provider of professionally produced news videos from television stations and other media outlets around the United States. Clip Syndicate also provides videos from the Associated Press. All of the videos on Clip Syndicate are categorized into 86 different channels. Users of Clip Syndicate can embed into their blogs one video or an entire channel of videos. I've embedded the education channel below.

Applications for Education
Clip Syndicate could be a good resource for teachers that use current events stories in their classrooms. By embedding a channel into your classroom blog you'll be providing your students with a ready source of new current events news stories.

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Videos - Getting Started in a 1 to 1 Classroom

The Maine International Center for Digital Learning has produced four videos designed to help schools prepare for and transition into one-to-one schools. The videos feature former Maine Governor Angus King and two Maine teachers, Lisa Hogan and Google Certified Teacher Sarah Sutter. The video series covers the practical and logistical aspects of one-to-one for teachers as well as the educational theory aspects of one-to-one.

The first video in the series is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Going to a one-to-one computing environment can be a very exciting time at a school. It can also be a confusing and overwhelming experience for some teachers. These videos should help teachers prepare to teach in one-to-one settings.

Google Search Tricks

Yesterday Web Worker Daily ran a short article containing ten simple Google search tricks. A couple of the tricks include using the "or" operator and doing quick currency conversions (something you can also do with Wolfram Alpha). See the article here for the full list and how-to instruction. The article grabbed my attention because the tricks would make a nice addition to the search tips I included in Google for Teachers and Beyond Google.