Saturday, April 10, 2010

Week in Review - Most Popular Items

It's a sunny Saturday morning in Maine. As I do every weekend, I've compiled a list of the most popular posts of the week. Before I write out the list, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the blog be it recently or years ago. Because of you Free Technology for Teachers continues to grow and provide me with opportunities that I never would have had without you. One of those opportunities was the chance to work with Simple K12 on a project that I think a lot of schools will be interested in when it's completed. Stay tuned for more details about that later this month.

Here are the most popular posts of the last seven days:
1. 12 Resources All Social Studies Teachers Should Try
2. TED Talk - The World Needs Childish Thinking
3. Advice for Shy Presenters and Shy Connectors
4. Learn Your Tables - Math Practice
5. The Future of Work
6. Tagxedo - Word Clouds With Style
7. Tour Ocean "Hope Spots" in Google Earth

Once again I want to thank everyone that reTweeted, bookmarked, emailed, or otherwise shared the Google for Teachers guide. In less than two weeks it has become the most viewed item I've ever posted on Free Technology for Teachers.

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Wiki Mind Map - Visual Webs of Wikipedia Entries

Wiki Mind Map is a resource for visually exploring Wikipedia. Wiki Mind Map is essentially a search engine for Wikipedia articles that uses the Google Wonder Wheel concept. Enter a search term into Wiki Mind Map and it will generate a web of links to Wikipedia articles about your chosen search term. Wiki Mind Map will also include related search terms within your web. In the image below you can see the web that Wiki Mind Map generated when I entered the search term "fishing."

Applications for Education
Wiki Mind Map could be a useful tool for students who need some help choosing alternate search terms or need help refining their information searches.

Here are some related items that may be of interest to you:
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VisWiki - Visual Wikipedia

Interactive Maps Based on the Bible

This might be the closest I've ever come to mentioning religion on this blog. In the interest of neutrality, if you know of interactive maps based on other religions, leave a comment with a link and I'll link it to this post.

The website hosts six interactive maps tracing stories from the New Testament of the Bible. The maps were created using Google Maps. The list of maps includes Paul's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mission journeys, Paul's journey to Rome, a map of Jesus's ministry, and a map of the cities mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Applications for Education
These maps might be useful for anyone teaching a course on religion. The maps also provide a model that students can use to create their own maps of religious stories.

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