Monday, May 31, 2010

Einztein - Locate Online Courses and Course Materials

Einztein is a new service for locating online collegiate level courses and corresponding materials. Einztein isn't your standard search engine as all courses listed by Einztein are reviewed by a PhD level editorial team. Each course listed by Einztein comes with a listing of the types of materials available for each course. Some courses have audio, video, and documents while other course may only have one or two of those elements. Visitors to Einztein can search for course by keyword or simply browse courses by subject area.

Below is the beginning of a course for high school teachers called Vietnam Now offered by Columbia. The purpose of the course is to provide content knowledge about the Vietnam War for pre/in-service teachers at the secondary level and for college faculty interested in using digital media in teaching this subject. I found this course through Einztein.

Applications for Education
As summer approaches teachers may find themselves with some time to extend their personal learning experiences. Einztein could be useful for finding a course you want to watch or listen to on your own.

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Month in Review - May's Most Popular Items

The school year is winding down for many of us, but there is still time to try something new in the classroom. If that's not the case for you, May's most popular links might give you something to think about for next fall when school starts again.

Here are the ten most popular items of the month:
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9. Google Wave Opens to Everyone - Now It's Useful
10. Free SMART Notebook Training

Podcasts in Education Made Simple

Podcasts in Education Made Simple is the title of a presentation given by Andi Kenuam at EdCamp Philly. The presentation walks viewers through the nuts and bolts of podcasting in education. Andi covers the who, what, why, and how of podcasting in education. View the slides below and the video below that.

The Evolution of Television 1926-2010

The Evolution of Television is a timeline infographic hosted by Sterling Satellite. The infographic highlights major developments in television technology and highlights in broadcasting history. For example, did you know that JFK's inauguration was the first to be broadcast in color? Visit Sterling Satellite to view the full size infographic.

Thanks to Cool Infographics for the graphic.

Applications for Education
Television is as much a part of students' lives as just about any other technology. In teaching US History, I've always found pop culture to be a good segue to introducing important events of the 20th Century. For example, we could take this timeline and have students identify other significant events corresponding with a development in broadcast history.

Bonus material: JFK's Inauguration.