Friday, June 25, 2010

Animated Explanations

Animated Explanations is a website for finding animated explanations of topics and concepts in the fields of health, technology, and work. The animations can be embedded in your blog or website. Embedded below you will find an animation of the human heart.

The Human Heart - Animated Explanations

Pullfolio - Portfolio Service for Flickr Photos

If you're a Flickr user, at one point or another you may have wished for a better way to display your photo sets. If that's the case for you, Pullfolio has an answer for you. Pullfolio provides Flickr users with a way to display their image collections in aesthetically pleasing online portfolios. Pullfolio provides a series of free templates for displaying your images in portfolios and slideshows. Pullfolio also gives you the ability to assign a unique url to your online portfolio.

Applications for Education
Pullfolio could be a good tool for photography teachers and students to collate and display their work.

Bounce - Share and Collaborate on Screen Captures

Bounce is a neat application that not only allows you to make annotated screen captures of websites but also allows you to instantly share those screen captures with others. To use Bounce, type in the url of any website then click "Bounce." Bounce will then create an image of that website on which you can draw boxes and annotate those boxes. You can create as many boxes and notes as you like. When you're done creating notes, Bounce will provide you with a unique url for your screen captures that you can share with others. If you create a Bounce account (optional) you and other Bounce users can annotate the same screen capture.

Applications for Education
Bounce could be a good tool for sharing comments about design elements of websites, highlighting graphics on a site, or sharing comments about articles with students or colleagues.

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