Friday, July 9, 2010

Life In A Day - A Cinematic Experiment

Life In A Day is an interesting project created by Oscar-winning director Kevin MacDonald and producer Ridley Scott. The idea is that on July 24 anyone can film an aspect of his or her life on that day and upload it to the Life In A Day YouTube channel. From all of the clips uploaded, MacDonald and Scott plan to create a story of one day of life on Earth. If your clip makes it into the film, you'll be credited as a co-director when the film is shown at the Sundance Film Festival. Additionally, 20 contributors will be selected to attend Sundance with MacDonald and Scott.

Applications for Education
Attending school is a major part of many peoples' lives so I think it would be great if Life In A Day had some footage about schools. If your school is in session right now, having students create a short video about a day in your school could be a good exercise in digital storytelling.

School Clip Art - Hundreds of Free Files for Students

School Clip Art is, as the name implies, a resource for locating free school-safe clip art. School Clip Art's galleries contain hundreds of files that teachers and students can use in slideshows, videos, and other digital presentations. You'll find galleries for sports, seasons of the year, holidays, and other special occasions.

Applications for Education
If the standard clip art that comes with PowerPoint or Keynote doesn't have what you're students need, have them browse through the galleries of School Clip Art.

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The Book Seer - A Book Recommendation Engine

The Book Seer is a neat book recommendation engine that I discovered last night through Kristen Swanson's Teachers as Technology Trailblazers blog. The Book Seer is very easy to use. To get a book recommendation just type in the title and author of a book that you've recently read and the Book Seer will spit out a list of related titles and authors that you might enjoy. I tested the Book Seer with four different titles. The more obscure titles, Snow in the Kingdom, and A Good Life Wasted yielded no results but The World Is Open and Hatchet yielded plenty of results.

Applications for Education
The Book Seer could be a great little tool for students to use after reading a book that they've enjoyed. As good as the Book Seer is, I think I prefer Your Next Read's interface and recommendations.

Movie - The Future of Food

Courtesy of Snag Films I recently watched an interesting film about agricultural practices, land use, food consumption, and grocery marketing in the United States. The film is not without some bias, but none-the-less could be the basis for lessons on environmental science as well as business and politics in the US. You can watch the trailer below or watch the entire film on Snag Films.
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