Tuesday, July 20, 2010

User Policy Management Added to Google Apps

Google made a significant addition to Google Apps for Education in the form of a user policy management tool. The user policy management tool will enable administrators of Google Apps for Education to create and segment user groups. This means that administrators of Google Apps for Education can enable some applications while disabling other applications. For example, administrators can enable chat for teachers but disable chat for students. Click here to read more about user policy management in Google Apps.

USGS Multimedia Gallery

In the past I've written about Google Earth files and some other educational media from produced by the USGS (here and here). Today, I want to make sure that you're aware of some other great materials available through the USGS Multimedia Gallery. The USGS Multimedia Gallery contains large collections of educational videos, animations, podcasts, and image galleries. You can search each collection by topic and or keyword tags. RSS feeds are available for each gallery. In addition to the videos in the USGS Multimedia Gallery you can find many videos on the official USGS YouTube channel.

H/T to Lucy Gray who shared the USGS social media center on Facebook.

Applications for Education
If you need images or videos to help you deliver a lesson to your Earth Science students, the USGS Multimedia Gallery should be one of the first places you visit. Likewise students developing multimedia presentations for their Earth Science classes would be well-served to visit the USGS Multimedia Gallery.

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The Story Behind the Iroquois and Lacrosse

Last Saturday the Iroquois Nation was officially excluded from the world lacrosse championships because UK officials would not recognize their Iroquois Nation travel documents. The players could have traveled on US passports but they refused on the grounds that accepting the passports of another nation would be a strike against their sovereignty and nationality. So the world lacrosse championships were held without the nation that invented the game. Read more about the story here. For more on the history of relationship between the Iroquois and lacrosse, watch the video below.

Applications for Education
The story of the denial of Iroquois' attempts to travel on the passports of their nation could be the beginning of a lesson exploring the issues of Native American sovereignty rights. I can see myself using the story above as a modern connection to the 1830's legal attempts of the Cherokee people to prevent their forced relocation by the US government. In particular I can see connecting this to the 1832 case of Worcester v. Georgia.

IEAR - Mobile Education Apps Review is a community powered review of educational applications for mobile devices. IEAR is primarily focused on iPod, iPhone, and iPad apps but there are also some mentions of Android apps. Contributions from teachers are welcome through the online submission form. Students can also make contributions if their teachers apply for student app reviewer access.

I learned about IEAR through a recent post by Vicki Davis.

Applications for Education
The increasing number of schools trying to implement the use of mobile devices in their classrooms creates a demand for a site like IEAR. IEAR's reviews could become a great resource for teachers and administrators searching for quality applications to use in their classrooms.